Publication Fee

The main source of income for the Journal is APC.

We use contributions to cover the expenditures related to preparation for publication, distribution of information, maintenance of the website and membership in international organisations.

Following the Journal's mission, we choose a flexible APC model, which helps stimulate young scientists from developing countries who do not have sufficient funding and opportunities for scientific cooperation. So, APC is calculated based on the number of authors of the article. We also propose a discount when increasing the number of authors to stimulate network-building. The only reason for providing such a model is to ensure a proportional distribution of costs. In case of revealing the facts of "guest authorship", the article will be rejected.

APC is:

1 author - 20 EUR;

2 authors - 35 EUR;

3 authors - 50 EUR;

4 authors - 65 EUR;

5 authors - 80 EUR.

We ask authors to make payment only after the final decision on publishing. In case of retraction due to ethical issues or the authors' decision, the payment is not refunded.

If the article is highly relevant and of high quality, the Editorial Board can offer an additional discount. Invited authors are exempt from paying the APC.

The Editorial Board can decide to change APC depending on the cost changes. The APC change applies only to articles submitted to the issue following the current one. We will notify you in advance of any changes.