Economic sovereignty of a modern state in the context of sustainable development

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Mykola Starіnskyi
Zhanna Zavalna


The article deals with economic sovereignty as a part of national sovereignty. We found that researchers fail to pay adequate attention to the economic sovereignty of Ukraine in the context of stable development. We use the doctrine method of law research in order to answer four research questions. First, we study the establishment of sovereignty in the constitutions of some developing countries. Second, we investigate the notion and meaning of economic sovereignty in academic doctrine. Third, we describe and distinguish the peculiar features of economic sovereignty entrenchment using the example of some developed countries. Fourth, we name the exact problems of the realisation of the economic sovereignty of Ukraine. For each of these issues, we provide specific recommendations concerning the ensuring of stable development of Ukraine for the latter to be able to join the EU. Within the framework of the discussion, we give recommendations for taking into consideration the political and other mutual influences of other countries upon the economic sovereignty of Ukraine. The recommendations provided can be used to develop suggestions concerning stable development strategies.


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Starіnskyi M. ., & Zavalna, Z. . (2021). Economic sovereignty of a modern state in the context of sustainable development. Law, Business and Sustainability Herald, 1(2), 5–15.
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Mykola Starіnskyi, Academic and Research Institute of Law, Sumy State University

Mykola Starіnskyi, Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor of Department of Administrative, Economic Law and Financial and Economic Security, Academic and Research Institute of Law, Sumy State University, Rimskogo-Khorsakova str., 2, 40000 Sumy, Ukraine, ORCID:

Zhanna Zavalna, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Zhanna Zavalna, Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor of the Department of Civil Law, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Svobody sq.,4, 61022 Kharkiv, Ukraine, e-mail: (corresponding author), ORCID:


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